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02Quality Assurance

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02Quality Assurance

03Third party integrations

Cesar Arraiz

PHP Backend Engineer - Project Leader

Music freak from blues to salsa.

Michel Cohen

Co-Founder - Project Manager

Passionate about music and singing.

Juan M Contreras

Android Architect and Swift Developer

Book lover and Crossfit addict.

Romina Caro

Head of QA

Book hoarder and binge reader.

Daniel Marrero

Technical Leader - Senior PHP Developer

Lover of languages and metal band lead singer.

Jonathan Muszkat

Frontend Expert - Project Leader

Runner and triathlete.

Ricardo Merino

Web Evangelist - PHP

Fishing champion and mountain runner.

Lucía Bress

Head of HR

Cinema lover and obsessed with The Walking Dead.

Damian Wasserman

Co-Founder - Web and Mobile UX Expert

Timing freak and Dancing King.

Daniel Rodriguez

Senior iOS and Android developer

Avid gamer and science fiction lover.

David Mazzitelli

Project Leader - iOS Architect - PHP Expert

Metal head and cinephile.

Daniel Saavedra

PHP/Lamp Ninja Developer

World traveler and photographer.

Franz Jaldin Vera

Senior Frontend Developer

DC Comics, video gamer and sports enthusiast.

Dika Faru

UI - UX Expert

Amateur whisky taster and digital warrior.

Rodrigo Soliz

Senior Frontend Engineer

Traveler and family man.

 Moobile is the most professional software and solution architect company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The entire team was engaged in design, engineering and the successful implementation of my first ever social market platform. Their brilliant and fast-thinking team members allows Moobile to generate simple and robust out-of-the-box solutions that are easy to implement.  CEO at Zikl.com
 I have been working with Moobile for the past 6 years on multiple projects (web, mobile web, native) - The Moobile team is professional, extremely technical BUT at the same time, are great at managing projects from idea to delivery. They have become such an integral part of our in-house team - I'm not sure how we'd get anything done without them.  CEO at Educasic

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